A Man with Uniform: PTI Mr. Gafur

A Man with Uniform: PTI Mr. Gafur

At college tenure – life was like a bird. Parents never questioned, teachers never enquired. Spent morning hours in Balaka Cinema Hall (New Market) for the first show just released or a bunch of young footballers traveling to Sylhet for a tournament or at the Cricket Stadium watching whole day MCC Vs Bangladesh. Those glittered days didn’t last long, after arrival at Jetty head of Juldia (1981), a senior cadet captain (Nazrul Bhai/17) ordered to take our trunks on head and double march to cadet block …… unfortunately (and purposely) the cadet block was built far far away from jetty head.

Later we lined up for something (circuit was already derailed – only we remembered, for any activity – first job is to line-up) and a black beard man with white uniform stood infront of us, we sensed some hope, now the time to complain – as if a child to complain against yelling of elder brother, but his voice was louder and sharper then a loud speaker. Without wasting any seconds he ordered us to collect our uniforms, shoes etc and asked to rush back in business.

This was a story of 1981 and after 30 years almost 100 seafarers (from 3rd batch to 30th batch) gathered in a clubhouse (22 May 2011, at Singapore) to show respect that Uniformed Black beard Man who spend 23 years (1st Batch to 23rd Batch) dedicating his life to teach and lead a disciplined life of thousands of cadets. Yes, we are talking about Mr Gafur.
“Morning PT of those 2 years in Marine Academy – still drives me to spend time everyday at Gym”, said by Zafrul Alam Sir (06th Batch).
“To evade morning PT, we shut tap water on cadet block roof – but Mr Gafur went up and opened the valve”, said Suja Bhai (17th batch). Amazingly Taher Bhai (17th Batch) recited the code of conduct #6. Our senior most (at Singapore) Zahurul Alam Sir (3rd Batch) wished to meet Mr Gafur again on coming 50th Anniversary of Marine Academy on 2012. Rafiqul Quader Sir (11th Batch) still remember those galley boys – and by his surprised story, we came to know, one of them worked in QE2.

It was a simple but memorable get together arranged by ex-cadets living at Singapore lead by Baten (18) and a huge group of ex-cadets gathered to show their respect to Mr Gafur including those (24th to 30th Batch) never met him.
Mesbah (18th Batch)