About Us

The revelation of 45,000 years old Dugout Canoes indicates Maritime Trade being one of the Oldest Profession on Earth. Ever since, many things have changed, except for the tenants of Maritime Profession, Seafarers. We, the Seafarers, are the predecessors of legendary Marco Polo, Vasco da Gama or Capt James Cook.
The vary term, seafarers does not express it all. We have one more thing in common, Bangladesh.
Our journey was started from one single root, Bangladesh. Over the years we visited almost every corner of the World, as long as sea exists.
Some of us felt ‘sailing was enough’, for others it was the enormous pull of offspring’s or family and for the rest of us it was perhaps the willingness to pursue further laurel in life – we decided to let go anchor ashore.

বহু দীর্ঘদিন, বহু দীর্ঘ রাত কর্মময় জাহাজী জীবন এক সময় থিতু হতে চাইল। চাইল ঘর, চাইল মাটি। এক অদেখা সুতোয় নীড়ের টান।

“জল ছেড়ে এসো প্রবালেই ঘর বাঁধি
মাটির গন্ধ একবার ভালবেসে
জল ছেড়ে এসো মাটিতেই নীড় বাঁধি
মুক্তো কুড়াতে যেয়ো না সুদূরে ভেসে।“

We dropped anchor virtually all over the World.
In that process the unfathomable experience and knowledge that we gathered out at sea was scattered. More so the cumulative synergy!
When one is away from home, love for the motherland can be felt in the core of the heart. Sweet memories of Childhood keep coming like an everlasting music of ‘flute’. Despite our eternal desire to stay together, we can hardly do so.
Our intention is to provide every Bangladeshi seafarer with a second home. A home, where they are able to stay together with fellow mates. A home, we have named www.bdmariners.org
The portal is aimed to bridge the gap between all Bangladeshi Seafarer currently living all over the World. And to harness the synergy.
When in need, we hope to stand as ONE. Non Political. Non religious. Without being biased to any group, race or color.
We hope to stand as ONE to the fellow mates, society and mankind.

Dear Bangladeshi Mariners, you are the contributor, writer and reader of this site. This site is a home for you and me. Lets build together.