Bangladesh Mariners Get-together 2015, Houston, TX

Bangladesh Mariners Get-together 2015, Houston, TX

Dated: 05/22/15

Dear Bangladeshi Mariners in North America:

Hopefully by now you are aware that our next “Bangladesh Mariners Get-together 2015, Houston, TX” is
scheduled to be held on 09th -11th October, 2015 at Houston, Texas.

To continue and further expand the success of the Bangladesh Mariner re-unions at USA, publication of a
magazine is in the agenda for this year. This will give a great opportunity to all the mariners to express
their talents, interest and experiences.

Theme of the magazine is “Golden days of our sea life”.

On behalf of the organizing committee, I am inviting all the mariners and their families to participate in this
publishing program by providing any writing they wish to publish. Writings could be short stories, articles,
poems, sailing experiences etc. Writings in both English and Bangla are acceptable. Bhabis and kids are
also highly encouraged to provide their writings.

In addition to the writings if you have any old/historic/sailing/family photographs you wish to share/publish
please forward those photographs with a small description.

Please provide your name and batch number and for supernumerary (husband/parents batch number) for
writings and photos.

After successful completion of the sea life, many mariners are pursuing a 2nd carrier and well established
in shore life. In order to honor their shore life success, “A wall of Fame” is also proposed to be published
in the magazine.

Please provide your Name, Batch number, Current address, Position/Title and the achievements (if any)
per attached sheet to include in the Wall of Fame.

Please put the subject of the e-mail as: Magazine- Bangladesh Mariners Get-together 2015, Houston, TX
and Find the attachment

Please forward all your writings/photographs to the email address: or by 31th July(07.31.15).

Kind Regards
Shaheen Iqbal
19th Batch