Maritime Career: Recent Job crisis for BD cadets and a good sign of Hope.

Maritime Career: Recent Job crisis for BD cadets and a good sign of Hope.

Bangladeshi Maritime cadets are facing a very crucial time in recent years.
Few good initiatives taken by our Ex-cadets and different Maritime Alumni at personal and combined level.

One of the good outcome – Employment of BMA Cadets to Ocean Tankers – Singapore.

A big hand for those worked hard and made it possible.
We know this is not enough – we need to explore more job sectors.
But this is a good beginning.
Hope our combine effect will bring back the glory of our maritime careers.

BMA Commandant Sajid Hussain (15th) Singapore Visit : 4-7 Nov 2014

Purpose of Visit:
(1) Research Paper presentation in Ship Recycling Summit (Title: Ship Recycling – Waste into Wealth in Bangladesh),
(2) Meeting with MPA for earning recognition of our Cadet Training Course (BMS Degree) & exemption in Singapore COC exam,
(3) Meeting with Bangladesh High Commission (Mariners’ Visa issue) and
(4) Our Mariners/Cadets’ promotion for employment in Singapore based ships.

Email From The Commandant:

Dear Mariner Fellow brothers, Assalamu Alaikum.

Active Communications International (ACI – Europe) has arranged “Ship Recycling Summit” on 5-6 November 2014 at Singapore (Hotel Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium).
Upon invitation of ACI, I am going to present my paper titled “Ship Recycling: Waste into Wealth in Bangladesh”.

I will also have other objectives like (i) Employment Drive and (ii) Discussion with MPA.
I will stay in Hotel Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium (317, Outram Road, Singapore 169075) on 4-7 Nov.

Mar Engr A H M Mamun (15th) of Hong Lam Marine (Singapore) is also a speaker at the Conference. Mentioning that he had recommended me to ACI.

My Programme:

  • 4 Nov: Plan to meet MPA Chief Executive (purpose: (i) Obtaining recognition of our Cadet Training Course and (ii) continuing exemption of few subject while appearing CoC Class III [Deck & Engineering] by our Cadets at MPA Singapore. Later, plan to meet ship management companies.
  • 5 Nov: Ship Recycling Conference (My paper presentation)
  • 6 Nov: Ship Recycling Conference (possibly meeting with Bangladeshi fellow mariners in evening – Ref: MarEngr Baten. If not possible, then on any other day evening)
  • 7 Nov: Plan to meet ship management companies; possibly meeting with these companies’ & associated personnel in a Dinner.

I will carry with me:
(1) Video & Advertisemnt of our Academy – approx. 6 min (in a pen drive) & PPP,
(2) Academy Brochures/Magazines,
(3) Invitation for Graduation Parade (due in 3rd week in December) for prospective Employers.

Hope our Fellow Alumni would forward their generous hands particularly in meeting the HR Personnel of various companies on 4th & 7th Nov; alternatively in a Dinner on 7th evening.

Bangladesh High Commission (H E Mahbub Uz Zaman) at Singapore, MarEngr. Zulfiqur Husain (14th), MarEngr. Baten (18th), MarEngr A H M Mamun (15th) and many Mariner Fellows are assisting to bring our desired result. May Allah bless us in all our endeavours.

Sajid Hussain (15th)
Commandant, Bangladesh Marine Academy.


Employment of BMA Cadets: Felicitation to Ocean Tankers – Singapore

Please be informed that, by the grace of almighty Allah, the renowned ship management company “Ocean Tankers – Singapore” has decided to employ 30 Cadets (15N & 15E) of Bangladesh Marine Academy; instructions concerning this has been received in our hand and we are following it up with due importance.

We, the Cadets, Staff and the Faculty Members at Bangladesh Marine Academy, would like to forward our heartfelt satisfaction and thanks to “Ocean Tankers – Singapore” for this very desired decision! We believe that this inaugural step will be proved to be a professional & contributory one and will open a long lasting pathway with a win-win relationship.

Hence I, personally, remember my recent visit to “Ocean Tankers – Singapore” on 7 November 2014 afternoon and the very commendable hospitality by the personnel there and particularly by Mr. Poh Soon Ong.

Our Academy is very proud of the alumni at “Ocean Tankers – Singapore”; namely, Capt. Ghaji Abu Taher (17th), MarEngr. Abdul Baten (18th), Arifur Rahman Khan (24th), Capt. M. Masud Karim Hasan(28th), Capt Md. Imran Kalam (26th) & MarEngr. Mohd. Mafizul Islam Bhuiyan (25th – Technical Manager) [sorry, if missed any name]; needless to mention that these alumni had their due role and contribution in establishing this link between Ocean Tankers and our Academy!

A Point to Ponder!

While departing Ocean Tankers office on 7 Nov, Mr. Poh Soon Ong (a key-person in decision-making) arranged my return transportation (by Masud Karim Khan’s car); Mr. Poh came out with me and opened the door of the car and got me in; I must comment that such honour is distinctly an indication of the professional image earned by our Alumni at the Ocean Tankers over the years! Congratulation!!

May Allah bless us all in all our endeavours.
On behalf of the Cadets, Staff and the Faculty Members

Sajid Hussain (15th)
Commandant, Bangladesh Marine Academy

Appreciation For the hard work. [Courtesy: MA Baten, 18th, Singapore]

Dear All BD Mariners around the Globe,
This is indeed a very good news for all of us.

In our history, we have never seen that any Marine Academy Commandant visiting overseas & creating job opportunities for our Bangladesh Marine Academy Cadets. Hats off to Sajid Bhai.
On behalf of Bangladeshi Marine Community in Singapore, I guarantee that all our wholehearted support will always be there for our fellow Bangladeshi Seafarers which includes all our Bangladesh Marine Academy Cadets.
We all BD Mariners around the Globe hope & pray for the betterment of our next generation Mariners & do our very best with our ability & available resources that we have in our hand & with-in our reach.

Kind Regards
Baten (18th, Singapore)

Capt. Shafiq Bhuiyan(8th) and Eng  MA Baten(18th) Visited Marine Academy: 9~10 Dec 2014

Courtesy: Capt.Shameem (24th), CNS,Marine Academy.

It was indeed a great honour and privilege for us to have you among us on 9th and 10th.You all will agree that the sessions has benefited both educators and the cadets equally.I am sure the cadets are highly motivated and much more aware of the industry expectations.

On behalf of the commandant,officers and cadets we express our sincere appreciation and gratitude for being with us even with your busy schedule.We also appreciate all our fellow mariners for their strong support and endeavors towards the problem solving issues.I strongly believe with our combined effort we can overcome the difficulties in near future and our youg mariners will find bright seafaring prospect.
May Allah keep us blessed and united.

Best Regards
Capt.Shameem, CNS,Marine Academy


Appreciation Email from MA Baten (18th):

Thank you very much Shameem (24th) for your posting with photos.
Please convey our best wishes to our respected Commandant Sajid Bhai (15th) and to all the Officers, Instructors, Staffs & Cadets of Bangladesh Marine Academy,

Special thanks to you for all the arrangements that you have executed so smoothly & efficiently.

I felt so honored receiving the great hospitality that every single Academy member showed towards me & my family for the two days (09th & 10th December 2014) of our Academy visit, and this visit will be remembered ever in our memories.

I was so delighted to speak in front of the Academy Cadets and I think I have covered all the vital points with respect to Foreign Company vessels including Ocean Tankers:

Ship’s condition, Ship’s crew, Accommodation, Food, etc.

I have also covered regarding good behavior/attitude, proper Attire & sensitive issues of Religion. The importance of our Cadets’ to be Sincere, Hard working, Punctual & Polite. All these will surely help our Cadets to compete with other nationalities and to shine in Foreign Company vessels.

I’m sure that all the Academy Cadets were encouraged & motivated with the interactive dialogue with the best of my ability & knowledge and I clearly saw that their moral were very high.

This visit was not official, but purely my private visit as an ex-Cadet of Marine Academy.

With Best Wishes,
Baten (18th, Singapore)